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Protecting Workers From Occupational Health Hazards

December 2-3, 2022


The theme for OSH Conference Trends and Practices in Occupational Safety and Health Promotion (Treposhep) 2022 is: Protecting Workers From Occupational Health Hazards. The conference is planned for 2nd/3rd December. Day 1 will be virtual, while Day2 will be a physical meeting. And as it has been the last few years, we are looking forward to an interesting event with new knowledge, and new experiences from both local and international speakers.

The  esteemed speakers

Ms Caroline Maketseletso Schønning-Andreassen
Ms Caroline Maketseletso Schønning-Andreassen

Senior Inspector; Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, Norway.

Caroline has a long working experience with psychosocial work environment, and has led a number of projects on workplace harassment and bullying.

Mr Abdulqadir Mohamad Suleiman
Mr Abdulqadir Mohamad Suleiman

Chief engineer, Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority/ International Assoc. OSH Pro Services

Dr Andrew Muruka
Dr Andrew Muruka

Director, Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSHS)

Dr Anani Johnny Komlavi Afanou
Dr Anani Johnny Komlavi Afanou

Senior researcher, National Institute for Occupational Health, Norway

Mr Philip Wangulu
Mr Philip Wangulu

Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner with over 15 years field experience. He is a Special member of International Institute of Risk and Safety Management and Founding President of Workplace Safety Professional Association of Kenya. He is a tutor of TOP-SET Incident investigator and an approved Safety and Health Advisor

Mr David Ongesa
Mr David Ongesa

QHSE Professional with 13 years work experience in Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction and Logistics Sector. Current Workplace Safety Professionals Association of Kenya President & Secretary to the Council. Two Times DOSHS Conference & Research National Award Winner and the Current Champion

Dr Linda Schenk
Dr Linda Schenk

Docent, Unit of Integrative Toxicology Institute of Environmental Medicine | Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.

Mr Adebayo Awosanya
Mr Adebayo Awosanya

Chartered Safety Professional/Chartered Occupational Hygienist, Saudi Arabia

Dr Renske Beestra
Dr Renske Beestra

Senior advisor, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands

Prof. Lode Godderis
Prof. Lode Godderis

CEO of Belgian Service for Prevention and Protection IDEWE and professor at the Centre for Environment and Health of the University of Leuven. The chair of Modernet; an international network for development of techniques for discovering trends in work-related diseases and tracing new and emerging risks. Member of management committee of EU COST action Dimopex: Diagnosis, Monitoring and Prevention of Exposure-Related Noncommunicable Diseases.

OSH Conference 2022 


December 2nd, 2022

Risk assessment of biological hazards at the workplaces

With Dr Anani Johnny Komlavi Afanou, National Institute for Occupational Health, Norway

Bio-hazards risk assessment

In this pre-conference workshop, Dr Afanou enlightened the participants on the biological hazards at workplaces and would demonstrate how to conduct a risk assessment of biological hazards.


 Main Event (Phyical meeting)

December 3rd, 2022

Protecting workers: A walk in the park or rocket science?
Understanding Occupational Health Burden
Understanding burden
Protecting workers: Contribution of the regulator
Speech by the guest of honor

Abdulqadir Mohamad Suleiman, NLIA/OSH Pro Services

OSH Pro Services

Dr Andrew Muruka, Director, OSHS/WIBA, DOSHS

Guest of honour


Protecting workers from hazardous substances

Hazardous substances

Exposure estimations and workers’ protection

Exposure assessment

Protecting workers from health hazards from new and emerging risk
Heat stress management

Managing Occupational Heat Stress


Protecting workers from psychosocial health hazards

Psychosocial hazards


Dr Renske Beestra, RVIM, The Netherlands

Dr. Linda Schenk, DocentUnit of Integrative Toxicology
Institute of Environmental Medicine

Prof. Lode Godderis. Chief Executive Officer IDEWE/Prof. at Centre for Environment and Health,  Univ. of Leuven, Belgium

Mr Adebayo Awosanya
Chartered Safety Professional/Chartered Occupational Hygienist, Saudi Arabia

Ms Caroline Maketseleto Schønning-Andreassen, Senior Inpsector,
Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

Protecting workers through involvement in decision-making

Workers empowerment

Dealing with challenges of proecting workers from health hazards
Dealing with challenges


OSH professionals role in protecting workers from health hazards
OSH profs role


Abdulqadir Suleiman, OSH  Pro Services/NLIA



Mr Philip Wangulu,
OSH Practitioner, IIRSM; Tutor Top-Set Incidence investigator

Mr David Ongesa,

QHSE Oil&Gas, and Manufcturing. President WSPAK


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